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How to watch and download instagram stories in Instacrew?



Open Instagram from any browser or launch the app.


Get the username containing the story.

Search the video for viewing it anonymously
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Paste your username into Instagram Highlights and Stories Downloader input field.


Now click the Get Stories button.

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You can save ready-made stories on your device or simply view them anonymously.

How to watch and download instagram stories in Instacrew?


View it

Open Instagram from any browser or launch the app.



Get the username containing the story.



Paste your username into Instagram Highlights and Stories Downloader input field.



Now click the Get Stories button.


Save on your phone

You can save ready-made stories on your device or simply view them anonymously.

Let's say a friend of yours tagged a photo of you on Instagram in a picture, and so under the tag your name appears. You know your friend's account but you don't want to follow them yet. How can you check out that picture without following them?

Well you view instagram stories anonymously using Instacrew. Just type the Instagram username below and click on "Check" The Insta profile will be displayed right here allowing you to browse through all photos without following your friend back!

There's no need to worry about us storing any of your personal information as we're simply just providing a service that displays publicly available data from Instagram's servers. And, that to for completely free! Don't forget to share this tool with all of your friends now 🙂

View instagram stories anonymous in Instacrew

So you want to check and download instagram stories of your ex but you don't want them to notice you stalking them, well you are not gonna have any problem doing that. Instacrew works the same as the instagram profile checker but it also focuses on insta stories. Just type their username and hit the "Check " button. You will be able to know every single story they have posted, even those that are set to visible to followers only! And all of this without following them back or needing a login. You can even download insta stories using our tool.

What is an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

It's a tool that allows you to anonymously or privately watch Instagram content. You don't have to login with your instagram account nor do you have to follow back whoever posted the story.

How does this tool work?

Our instagram viewer is a simple online tool, just type in the instagram username and click on check story , that's all you have to do! Our server will then use instagram official api and lookup if their profile has any active stories, then it will display those results. That's how we make sure our users are viewing active accounts as these tools without following them back. We also make sure no one can track what you checked as we use anonymous urls for every search made through our website.

Some Features Of Our Tool:


We are anonymous, no login needed to use the instagram viewer. You only have to type the username and then click on the “check” button. That's it!


Instacrew is completely free, no premium plans or additional payments ever. Only thing we ask from you to do is share our tool with your friends so more people can access these tools for free as well!

Track Instagram Posts History :

We track any post that has been posted by the account you enter into our instagram viewer. This includes posts that are set in private so this adds another great utility for Instagram users to be able to find out all of their history without following them. Don't miss out on tracks just because they were made in the past, with our instagram viewer you can now track all those posts as well.

All Rights Reserved:

We respect Instagram's policy and terms of service, therefore we don't show your username or any personal information to anyone. This tool is strictly made for search purposes only so all searches are still being done by the official instagram api itself. We have no right to keep any user id, username or anything that can clearly identify you against your will in any way on our server. All posts are marked with their proper source while anonymized urls are used everywhere on this website to avoid tracking users against their will.

Stories Viewer:

We allow our users to view instagram stories as well, check those public stories as well as private ones. We use the same technique as for regular posts to anonymize everything and keep users safe from tracking or other unwanted things that could happen.

How to Use It?

It's simple and easy to use our instagram story viewer. Simply type the username you want to track stories from in the search box on top of this page, click enter/return or press the "Check " button. You will be redirected instantly. No login is required for this website so simply go ahead and start stalking!


Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need to register. Launch the Instagram website on your mobile device. Then select the account with highlights. Next step is just copy the username of this Instagram account and paste it into the input field of our tool. Click "Download" if you want watching Instagram highlights to your device anonymously.

This tool lets you track any instagram account anonymously! No logins or follow backs needed, simply type their username and press enter. Easy as that!

As many as you want! We have no limit on the amount of posts you can check on our tool.

There are two ways to check if an account has active stories or not! First, you can click on any post and look for the "..." icon next to it. This button will show if their story is public or private. The second way of checking if any user has active stories is simply by using our instagram viewer, make sure you type their username correctly as this also serves as proper verification upon checking your desired target's account history.

Yes, you can. Our tool comes with some simple statistics on their profiles history and all the other basic stuff.

We make sure all results we present to our users come from instagram official api itself which does not show any expired posts. All accounts we provided are compatible with the api provided to us by instagram and this means that their stories are available on records even if they delete them from their profiles.

Yes, you can! However it requires some basic steps on your side to do this. Simply go to an older story of theirs and click the download icon on the top left corner of their story image. You will be presented with a save as option so just simply save it on your device and you have full access to it while being anonymous at all times.

No, it's totally free and requires no login. Just type the username you want to track stories from and press enter! Simple as that.

Every tool you can find on the internet uses their server to provide results, some of them may ask for login details as well as other credentials. For Instagram viewers we decided it would be best if our tool was an anonymous one where everything happens on the user's end without anyone knowing who is checking what at any time and why!

It means that there is no tracking or anything related to your activity so simply browse and check stories with peace of mind. We do not collect any data about our users so there's nothing we can give away using this information against your will. This also means that we cannot gather any information from you which could tell us who is viewing what at a certain point in time.

Instagram viewer requests very simple and basic information: your desired username, nothing more to it.

No, at this moment there's no way of checking such information about an account which was originally created through the instagram platform itself. This means that everyone can create a fake account but there's no way for us or any other tool to verify if the original owner of the account still uses it or not as we don't have access to documentation containing this information.

No, at this moment there's no way of checking other social media accounts with our tool. Our team is working on creating a more advanced version which will be available soon to everyone for FREE!